LibertyBot's Journey!

Change Log:

February 6, 2022: Yes/No and multiple-choice polls are now added to all LibertyBot custom applications.

February 5, 2022: LibertyBot 1.0 (generic applications) are updated to slash commands.

February 3, 2022: LibertyBot 2.0 is officially launched in Beta, half a month ahead of schedule!

January 27, 2022: Slash commands are now supported, and LibertyBot 2.0 integrates all generic LibertyBot features.

January 18, 2022: LibertyBot 2.0 will be updating to slash commands to fully comply with Discord's latest privacy guidelines. This may set the development timeline back by a week or so.

January 16, 2022: Halfway through January, LibertyBot 2.0 supports a verification system, a starboard, mod commands, statistics, Twitter integrations, and reaction roles.

January 10, 2022: LibertyBot 2.0 is officially launching! We will begin alpha development on the LPVets Caucus discord and move into a Beta test in mid-February where any organizations can participate. The current plan is to fully launch custom applications at the end of March.

January 6, 2022: Development is beginning on a bot for the Libertarian Party Veterans Caucus discord server.

July 12, 2021: LibertyBot 1.0 is available for public use!

June 2, 2021: Development is beginning on an informational libertarian discord bot.

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